Believe - Labradorite pendant necklace sterling silver by Earth Karma

Believe -  A design, with an eye shape labradorite reflecting cosmic lights is a constant reminder of life force and energies in the universe. The circle is like a halo and represents knowledge and enlightenment that energy can never be created nor destroyed. It is never ending and that it can be harnessed by our own will and faith and by following the path of righteousness. 

Labradorite gemstone here is set in sterling silver side wired bezel and comes with a lovely fire spectrum. Handmade mindful jewelry in a dainty design and a silver hammered circle for women.

Measurements- eye charm pendant -32 x 12 mm

Sterling silver circle -  25 mm 

Healing- Labradorite gemstone here is custom cut in eye shape. It is a powerful healer of the third eye chakra of our body benefiting us to see beyond by connecting us with higher knowledge and wisdom. By empowering it one can improve his  Intuitive skills and predictions. The third eye usually sits between the brows on the forehead and enables us to listen to our soul, to see what might be and realize our potentials. It’s a stone of cosmic energies and Interconnectedness.

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Good Vibes !

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