Ebook: Simple & Unforgettable Sugar Cookie with Royal Icing Recipes

As a young girl, I remember always having a love for baking, while my mom did all the cooking for our family. She taught me how to do what you love, and share that with others! One of my most vivid memories while I was i n college, was her asking me to make a few pies for Thanksgiving. 14 pies later (yes, 14!)....I couldn’t decide which ones, so I made all of them. That was the moment I realized my childhood fun, had turned into something more-and my love to share it with others. Oh, how I loved seeing my family enjoy the treats I made especially for them!

Fast forward a few years, a young mom of 3 beautiful daughters, and I was so excited to share it with them! After doing cakes, and other fancy treats, I saw how much easier a cookie fit into my busy "mom" life. It was easier to stop and start our baking projects, when life took over. So I began developing cookie recipes that were family-friendly, combined some old recipes with twist of the "new".

Here I am, many years later and many fun cookie memories with my girls sealed forever, I now have one who is married and a newborn, and the other two grown and working on their futures ahead. We still make our cookies for the holidays together. You know the kind-rollout cookies that hold their shape with smooth icing. One of them tolerates it, one is very detailed at her designs and one does it for a little and then calls it a day! So, as a mom now with more time on my hands, I decided it was time to share with others who might be looking for a simplified sugar cookie recipe as well.

No more cookies that spread (you know….that horse, llama or unicorn cutter that, when removed from the oven, doesn’t look like an oversized cow, but truly did hold its shape ). We have all had those cookie stories, including myself! I include simple tips to help you create that cookie-and tastes so good too! Follow me through this e-book as I share with you the tools I use, the step-by-step approach to that sugar cookie, including how to mix, roll out and cut out your dough so you have a uniform cook that looks the same for all of them. The tops are even and not bubbled or raised! So, are you ready to begin? Let’s get on with my recipe and bake those simplified sugar cookies!

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All rights reserved. No portion of this e-book may be reproduced or utilized in any form, or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, without prior written permission of Wendy Spencer.

Cookies: Wendy Spencer @ Forget Me Not Cookies

Book Design: Wendy Spencer @ Forget Me Not Cookies

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