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Chrissy is the proud wife to a go-getter hubby and a lucky mama to three vivacious daughters. She is BEYOND grateful to live here in the tri-cities because of the family-friendly vibe and active lifestyles of the people all around her. There are SO MANY events and things to do in our area, but sometimes she found this to be completely overwhelming.

That’s why she started Families on the Fox!

Having been an English teacher for nearly a decade, Chrissy is used to helping others. She quickly realized residents and families in this area, like herself, NEEDED a resource that could serve as a one stop shop for ALL THINGS LOCAL. Things to do. Places to go. Resources for planning birthday parties. Seriously, EVERYTHING!

She also realized there wasn't a website to help her get out with her husband or friends. As much as she loves being a mom, she knows how valuable it is to have adult time too! There are so many local gems that might remain hidden to you if you don’t get out and #ExploreMore!

Photo Credit: Ashley with Red Maple Photography