In Death We Part (PDF)

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Deep in the heart of romantic and life indecision, we meet 17-year-old Brianna Wylder, a tremendously gifted artist whose art and perspective blossom in the mountains of New Mexico. A native of Chicago, she must live with her new guardians in Santa Fe until she turns 18. How this comes to be and what comes next is what Victoria Hyla’s terrific novel In Death We Part is all about.

Ripped from her urban hometown of Chicago, where she leaves a budding romance (Ben Davis: young police officer with a boy-next-door smile), and thrown into the breathtaking landscape of Santa Fe, where she collides with a new love interest (Matt Brennan: moody, self-isolated bull rider/ranch hand with darkness and smoldering eyes), Brianna’s nearly photographic visual memory enables her to capture her changing world in her art as she comes to grips with her new reality created by the tragic deaths of her parents.

Readers will experience the luscious heat of pulse-racing romance and danger intertwined with Brianna’s journey to understand her life and her place in it. The author’s prose, which will enchant readers until the last page, takes inspiration from characters she has lived with, grown up with, and loved for many years. Through the romance and visual poetry she creates with her words, Hyla plunges readers into Brianna Wylder’s life and dreams as she deals with the loss and finds herself. Made to choose between Ben Davis (symbolic of Chicago and its comforting, urban charm) and Matt Brennan (symbolic of New Mexico’s mystique and raw power), Brianna finds herself in an exquisite purgatory that somewhat fades the strongest dye that has stained her spirit: her parents’ deaths.

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