Scentcerely Yours ~ A Unique Candle and Scent Making Experience


"Scentcerely Yours specializes in pour-your-own natural soy candles and other home and personal fragrance products including lotion, sugar scrub, room spray, body mist, soap, rinse-free hand wash, and more!

Enjoy an unparalleled experience of creating your signature scent at our fragrance bar by mixing up to three scents together. Family and friends will love this one-of-a-kind experience. For businesses looking for a unique way to enhance their brand with scent, we can help with our Scent Your Brand program. And for creative fundraising ideas, we have many options available that are certain to exceed expectations."

Rob and Susi Brucato ~ Owners @ Scentcerely Yours


Every person has a story, and Scentcerely Yours helps you not only tell it... but they give you the ability to recreate aroma's from your past! Bring your very own scent to life & reminisce in the aroma of your grandmother's perfume, or even your childhood home! Whatever your story holds, Scentcerely Yours is here to help you share it.

Having grown up in Geneva, I love getting to see unique businesses open & thrive. Scentcerely Yours has become a prominent & respected shop in the community, and it is easy to see why! We are excited to share with you Rob & Susi's story, and invite you to support their one-of-a-kind business today.

- Kiel & Ana / Spots On The FOX

How long have you been doing business in town?

We opened in May 2018. 

What attracted you to the line of work you’re in, and how did you get started?

We spent our entire careers in the banking industry, but always had the ambition to start our own business. Our passion for shopping together and buying items for our home led us to the idea of creating an experiential business where you can customize products for your home. And Scentcerely Yours was born.

If you had to sum up your business mission to a stranger, what would it be?

We inspire people to be passionate about scent.

What’s the biggest challenge or most difficult moment you’ve faced in your business?

The pandemic that began in early 2020 impacted everyone in many different and unexpected ways. From a personal and business standpoint, it forced everyone to really focus on what’s important, and re-prioritize goals. Like many small businesses, we had to get creative to find ways to reach our customers during a time when people didn’t feel comfortable or weren’t able to shop in the traditional retail environment. Our passion and appreciation for our customers and our community kept us driven and focused on our mission of creating a unique, one-of-a-kind experience! We changed some things, introduced some new ideas and products, but stayed the course on our promise to provide an exceptional customer experience! Through all of this, we are so grateful for our customers and community, and know that we will all be stronger when we get through this.

What’s the most satisfying part of your business?

We love interacting with customers and watching them create memories that will last a lifetime. Scent is so powerful and impactful and is tied to memory, so hearing stories about what scent the customer creates and how it reminds them of a time in their life is so captivating and rewarding to us.

How would you say your business or organization distinguishes itself from the others?

The experiential nature of our business is what our company was founded on and is our biggest differentiating factor. We wanted to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for people to be passionate about scent in ways they didn’t expect.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to success?

Our four core values sum up how we define success and what we expect of ourselves and our team.  If we do all of these things, we believe we will succeed.
1. Wow the customer
2. Under promise, over deliver
3. Always strive to be better
4. The little details count

Are there any new projects or endeavors you’re working on that you’re extra excited about? If so, what details can you share and what makes it so exciting?

We believe our in-store experience is unique and a relaxing environment. However, we have introduced an online option to create your signature scent, as well as DIY take home kits. While we always love having customers visit our shop, we wanted to bring the custom scent experience to you, wherever that might be. Additionally, with our Scent Your Brand program, we continue to work with many local businesses to help them create a signature scent that they can sell to their customers.

Do you have any events coming up in your community? If so, tell us about them.

We are very active in the community and work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to participate in all community events.

How can the community discover your business? 

You can find us at:

This story is contributed by a Spots On The FOX Vendor & the views expressed are the author's own.