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Kiel, Owen, Willow & Ana

Spots On The FOX is a local-only online marketplace, powered by our surrounding communities along the Fox River, in an effort to help support local businesses during these crazy times. Find new customers, drive more sales, continue to thrive & be a part of something great.

Spots on the Fox was an idea we conceived a few years ago, but it was put on the backburner while my wife Ana and I talked about starting a family. With our now almost one-year-old—and as we sit in the midst of a global pandemic—we felt the need to revisit the idea.

Spots on the Fox definitely has evolved as we have watched small business owners in our community navigate these times—unprecedented in our lifetime—and our hearts go out to them in their struggles. With businesses having to adapt and grow their online presence to survive, we felt it was the perfect time to join the effort of keeping our small local businesses alive. After all, these entrepreneurs are the backbone of this country.

Our goal is to create a centralized online marketplace for the businesses in our surrounding communities. The desire is to have all of the area’s local businesses in one location so community members can still shop locally, but do it conveniently from their home. The need came from our experience during this quarantine; with my wife being immunocompromised as a Type 1 diabetic, we just didn’t feel comfortable physically going into stores. We knew we needed to find a way to continue our day to day consumer activities, and that’s what pushed our idea forward.

Knowing that many people feel uncomfortable going into stores right now—and who knows how long into the future—we believe this is the best way that we can all support each other, especially as the weather cools down and it’s harder to get outside. Spots on the Fox makes it safe and easy to shop your favorite local stores and check out with purchases from all of them with one transaction. 

Spots on the Fox has cut out the middleman, so 100% of the sale goes directly to the vendor, minus a minimal processing fee paid to Stripe. Vendors get their own storefront inside our marketplace. They can add their logo and business information along with an unlimited number of products—all for just one low monthly membership fee. The vendors handle their own shipping and/or delivery, which keeps things simple and easy for everyone.

Buy Local. Sell Local. Support Your Favorite Shop.


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