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Spots On The FOX is rapidly becoming known throughout the Fox Valley area (and beyond) for its convenience and ability to support local business and customers alike. But how much do you know about its founders? 

Personally, I’ve known Kiel and Ana Tredrea for years, and I believe there’s no better couple to spearhead this company with its amazing mission and vision. Their authentic and earnest dream to help others succeed and thrive ensures that Spots On The FOX is, and will continue to be, an essential service to the local communities it serves.

I had a chance to sit down with Kiel and Ana to ask them a few questions about the beginnings of Spots On The FOX, its first year, and why they are pouring their hearts and souls into this local online marketplace. As you read, I hope you get to know a little more about them and Spots On The FOX. 

Why even start Spots On The FOX? 

“Our goal was to create something that would support our local business owners during these crazy times while uniting everyone to start a powerful ‘shop local’ initiative within the community. We wanted to design the experience of shopping Spots On The FOX as easy and fun, just like walking down your favorite row of local shops, but doing it all from anywhere,” Kiel explains. As an example of its value, he adds, “Local shoppers can select multiple products from multiple vendors and check out in one transaction. There’s no need to visit several websites, sit in traffic, or wait in lines.” Ana agrees, adding poignantly that they also wanted “to create a legacy for our kids.”

Why are YOU the ones that created Spots On The FOX?

Kiel admits, “I had to create it because this is the way my mind works. I create things. When I see a problem, I want to find a solution.” Enthusiastically supporting that idea, Kiel adds, “One of my favorite things is turning a vision into a reality, and Spots On The FOX is definitely a reality… and it’s so exciting!” 

Brushing off her role as an actual creator, Ana explains, “I’m the one that helped pursue and further the concept. I loved the idea of working on something bigger than myself. I’m not the idea person, but I have endurance and resilience. My analytical mind helped Kiel prioritize things so we could lay down a strong foundation and neither of us would burn out.” Underscoring the importance of that dynamic in their lives, she adds, “I love that I get to collaborate with my husband and with my community. I love that I get to teach my children balance. And getting to be home with them while also bringing in money is a big plus. It makes me feel good.”

What skills and experience do you bring to the table?

Ana and Kiel are quite different in their experience and approach to the business, but that brings a great sense of well-roundedness to the venture. Kiel notes, “I have run my own marketing and design company for the past 17 years, and I love to create new things that solve problems.” Ana comes from a different yet complementary background, offering experience in “sales, honesty, and being of service and being available.”

Why is serving the community important to you?

“It teaches important values to our children about loving and cherishing our local community,” Ana says then continues, “By pumping money into our local economy, we are helping our children’s futures here.” Kiel agrees, adding, “When our local communities win… everyone wins!”

How exactly does Spots On The FOX help the community?

Spots On The FOX helps a lot. Ana mentions, “By pumping money into our local economy and helping small businesses elevate themselves to the next level professionally [with us] doing the maintenance and hosting for the platform we provide.” 

Kiel excitedly delves deeper into that topic, offering, “Spots On The FOX gives local shoppers the ability to easily support local businesses in their area from anywhere they want. Shopping Spots On The FOX also helps to keep funds in the community. Our vendors also get paid instantly, and because we don’t charge fees, they receive 100% from every purchase. We also use part of our marketing budget and sponsorship money to launch exciting vendor and customer incentives. Where else can you get paid a cash bonus simply for selling your own products? Also, because sharing of audiences and word of mouth are such powerful ways to promote a business, vendors get more exposure from having an active storefront and promoting their products online.”

What has been the impact of Spots On The FOX in its first year?

For Ana the noticeable impact has been “the collaboration aspect of it, or at least the potential for it, with the connections I’ve made and people I’ve met.” Kiel was downright giddy when he realized just how much Spots On The FOX had impacted the community financially, saying, “Spots On The FOX vendors collectively conducted more than $42,000 in product sales in our very first year!” He adds that “because our online marketplace promotes the sharing of local audiences, our vendors have been able to benefit from new exposure from other local shops and discover new customers.”

In the current climate with the pandemic, how does, and can, Spots On The FOX make things better?

Kiel notes, “Spots On The FOX has given our local small business owners the ability to connect and network with other small shops while giving them the exposure they need to grow their businesses online. It also gives local shoppers the ability to be home and support and promote the local shops they love.” He adds, “Most importantly, Spots On The FOX was for our local economy, but it is also being built to outlive the pandemic.” Agreeing with Kiel, Ana says, “We are pandemic proof, and with the convenience of shopping online, we will outlive it.” 

What does 2022 look like for Spots On The FOX?

“Innovation, value, and expansion,” Kiel offers. “Our team is working hard to provide the best experience for our vendors and local shoppers.” Supporting that notion, Ana looks to the new year, saying, “We will be expanding to different territories, adding Spots Junior, and collaborating like crazy!!!” Kiel concurs, adding, “We have so many new features on the horizon, new vetted professionals here to take our vendors to the next level, and a Spots On The FOX Shop Local Initiative with our partner WESOS.”

Spots On The FOX clearly goes beyond just being a digital commerce platform, and Kiel and Ana are a huge reason why. Their commitment to fostering collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships has the potential to change the face of local business and the economy as well as how consumers shop and interact with their community. That impact is already evident, and it is so exciting to watch as this new year ramps up. 

As a closing thought, Kiel adds with that signature twinkle in his eye, “Get ready… 2022 is going to be EPIC!”


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