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Beyond being a convenient site for buying and selling local goods, Spots On The FOX has become a thriving online community of vendors and customers who embrace the power of sharing with and supporting their neighbors. The simple fact that you’re engaging with Spots On The FOX means you want to be part of this community and the impact it can have in your local area.

Think back to when living and working in a small town meant getting and giving referrals and word-of-mouth support across businesses. The result: when one business flourishes, the whole community benefits. Embracing that collaborative tradition, Spots On The FOX has brought this beautiful concept into the modern digital realm.

How Does This Work Online?

It’s simple. When launching a storefront, vendors share their new presence with their existing customers. All those customers are introduced to Spots On The FOX and inevitably check out the new storefront as well as other businesses on the site. Established vendors, in turn, get inspired by the new vendors joining and take a look at their goods as well. 

How Can I Contribute?

The value of this shared online community is organic and effective just by existing, but its power can increase—even be exponentially better—if all vendors and customers consistently share about their favorite storefronts and new products that catch their eye. 

To tap into this juggernaut of marketing potential, we are asking vendors and customers alike to dare to share. If we all do our little part, we can launch the entire local business community to greater heights. 

“That’s great!” you say. “But where should I start?” Following are a few easy, actionable efforts we all can do to support and promote each other.

Promote Yourself to Promote Others. Vendors simply sharing their own Spots On The FOX storefront (or products) drives more traffic to their own store as well as other businesses on the platform. There’s no extra effort since you naturally share about your own business, but it results in increased engagement for other businesses, too.

Promote Others to Promote Yourself. If someone asks for recommendations, point them toward a Spots On The FOX vendor first. Referral and promotional love like this not only drives buyers to that shop, but others—maybe yours—as well. Moreover, let vendors know you’re referring them, and chances are they’ll refer customers back to you with just as much love. 

Write Storefront and Product Reviews. A great way for customers and vendors to show support is by leaving a review for something you’ve purchased. On Spots On The FOX, customers can review storefronts in general or review a specific product. Vendors love both, and every little bit helps.

Participate in Promotions and Contests. On occasion, Spots On The FOX hosts cool and interactive promotions or contests for vendors and shoppers. Follow your favorite storefronts and participate when you see them posting about these opportunities. You could be helping your favorite vendors more than you know!

Engage on Social Media. First, follow Spots On The FOX on Instagram and Facebook (and join the Facebook Group). Congratulations! You’re following. Now, while you’re scrolling through social media, you can engage and support with ease. 

  • As a vendor, when you post to promote your storefront (or other storefronts), make sure you’re tagging #spotsonthefox; it goes a long way toward exposure for everyone. 
  • For vendors and customers, anytime you see a Spots On The FOX post, it’s a simple thing to pause and like or comment. 

Through these few simple activities, Spots On The FOX gains exponential exposure across its family of storefronts, making it easy to promote collaboration over competition and harness the impact of sharing and building a better world together. 

However you are able to do it, engagement begets engagement, so do give a little like, share a little love, and promote tonight.


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