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With its array of local vendors, artisans, and services, Spots On The FOX believes that supporting and growing small businesses in the Fox Valley area is paramount. But why should shopping locally be important to you? 

Where Does My Money Go?

Shopping locally keeps money in our community. It’s that simple. Buying from national chains sucks resources out of our community and grows businesses somewhere else. According to the New Economics Foundation, buying locally puts double the money into the community compared to shopping at chain stores. 

Local businesses are owned by people who live here and are invested in our community’s future. These businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers, and farms. They also invest in the community by enhancing the local tax base, which leads to better public services, schools, transportation, and emergency response. Small and local businesses also donate more per sales dollar to local nonprofits, events, and initiatives compared to chains, and they create more employment opportunities for local residents who, in turn, spend more money in the community.

Furthermore, supporting local businesses helps entrepreneurship thrive, which enhances local prosperity and innovation. These local retailers are our neighbors who are taking risks to make our area a better, stronger place and boost the economy.

How Does it Impact the Environment?

Purchasing something manufactured elsewhere has a larger carbon footprint than buying locally. Shipping just costs—in terms of time, packaging waste, and fossil fuel use—while locally owned businesses purchase and deliver locally and are established in town centers or even homes, which means less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.

What About Product Choice?

Each small business is unique and selects products based on their own interests and local customers, which creates a connection with the community and provides a broader range of products and prices. One-of-a-kind businesses and locally made products are integral to a community’s character and distinguish it from areas with cookie-cutter chain stores. Buying locally is about discovering interesting things and local artisans and craftspeople who want to share their skills and prosperity with their community.

How Is the Customer Service?

Overall, locally it’s better and more personal. Local businesses generally are more flexible and willing to adjust to customers’ needs than national chains. Plus, being part of the community, they can better stock what locals want. Local businesses also often hire people who understand their products and take time to know their clients and customers.

So Why Shop Spots On The FOX?

Investment in the community, lower environmental impact, unique products and opportunities, and superb customer service are why shopping locally is at the heart of Spots On The FOX. When we look for ways to buy locally, our neighbors see that we believe our community is worth the investment. Our money goes into what we care about, and we enjoy a better overall purchasing experience. Furthermore, Spots On The FOX offers the unique convenience of discovering, shopping, and supporting your favorite (and new favorite) local businesses from a single online platform from the comfort of your own home. 

In the end, keeping it local is a social responsibility for us all and becomes a win-win for you, small businesses, and our communities. So come check out Spots On The FOX and shop locally.


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