Why Join the Spots Marketplace?


Spots On The FOX is an online marketplace, powered by our surrounding communities, in an effort to help support local businesses during these crazy times. Find new customers, drive more sales & continue to grow your business.

We Support Your Promotion Efforts!
Seriously, this is a thing! We work alongside you to help grow, support & share your business. We are all in this together… so let’s do this!

Discover New Customers
We give our community the power to shop all of their favorite local businesses from the comfort of their home, all in one spot.

Quickly Add Unlimited Products
Launch & expand your business online—no matter what business you’re in. We give you the ability to easily add as many products as you’d like.

Save More Time... Make More Money
Create a profile, add your products, fulfill your orders & get paid straight to your Stripe account. Sell products anywhere in the country. It’s really that easy.

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