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The Creative Type ~ Elevate Your Everyday Life

"I absolutely love when customers come to me and say 'can you create this type of card?' I love creating custom greeting cards that will bring joy to other people! I also love to see when my creations are purchased and when others appreciate my distinct aesthetic. And the more I sell, the more I get to create to replenish The Creative Type offerings!"...


Discover Geneva Gems!

Geneva, Illinois, is known throughout the region as a quaint and cute destination for shopping at small, independent, and local businesses. Centered around the charming, pedestrian-friendly Third Street, the town’s shopping district is a magnet for browsing the unique and special, whether that’s decor, dining, gifts, or sweets. Not everyone has the...


Shop Locally, Impact Your Community

With its array of local vendors, artisans, and services, Spots On The FOX believes that supporting and growing small businesses in the Fox Valley area is paramount. But why should shopping locally be important to you?  Where Does My Money Go? Shopping locally keeps money in our community. It’s that simple. Buying from national chains sucks...


BDesigns ~ Creative & Useful Artistic Works

"They say that having limited funds makes you more resourceful. I am not sure if that is the case, but my immigrant parents taught me that something handmade is something from the heart and does not have to be expensive. This was good, as I learned how to make art from things people would toss away." Barbara Bitar ~ Owner/Artisan @ BDesigns I...


Classy Crafty Wife ~ Creativity Starts with a String!

"My Mom taught me how to crochet when I was around 8 years old. I would crochet here and there and for years after that. In 2016, I saw it as a business opportunity and so I put a name to it." Francis Rodriguez ~ Owner / Creator of  Classy Crafty Wife I INVITE YOU TO VISIT MY SHOP! We are so excited to feature Classy Crafty Wife!...


Wicks & Wax ~ From Our Family to Yours

"We love the look on our customers faces when they find that one scent that takes them back to a special time or place. Wicks and Wax was started back in 1999. My Husband John and I make candle and wax melt. We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique merchandise on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful...


Our Story

#TeamTredrea Kiel, Owen, Willow & Ana The spark that ignited our vision for Spots On The FOX began in early 2020, during the pandemic and various shutdowns. As small business owners, we saw an opportunity to create something great for the community & to help support small business. With Ana being a type 1 diabetic and...


Studio Patty D, a Treasure in Geneva

"We make fun & useful products imprinted with original artwork that I've created. You'll find note cards to light switch covers, journals to lunch bags, and just about anything in between! I mean, who needs boring coffee cups, am I right?" Patty Donahue ~ Owner/Maker @ Studio Patty D WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR SHOP! We are thrilled...


How It All Started

#TeamTredrea Kiel, Owen, Willow & Ana Spots On The FOX is a local-only online marketplace, powered by our surrounding communities along the Fox River, in an effort to help support local businesses during these crazy times. Find new customers, drive more sales, continue to thrive & be a part of something great. Spots on the Fox was an...


You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

So, what exactly IS Spots? What Spots IS: Spots is a virtual marketplace & entrepreneur community created for vendors to launch an online storefront, in an effort to share products, discover new customers, make more sales, and engage in incentives and interactive workshops. The Vendors that see the most success are the ones actively participating in...

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