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Our Mission

The DNA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization representing Downtown Elgin. Our mission and strategic plan encompass a vast array of objectives strategically selected to enhance and sustain our vibrant city center. The DNA team is tasked with working towards the key pillars of our organization as outlined in our mission statement. We are dedicated to this mission, our goals and objectives and have promised to work on behalf of every Downtown Elgin business owner, property owner, stakeholder and resident in conjunction with our City leaders and partner organizations.

Economic Development

The DNA actively recruits new businesses to vacant downtown properties. It supports existing businesses through education, grant opportunities and strategic partnerships. It advocated for pro-growth city policies at the advisement of businesses and property owners. These initiatives facilitate long-term, sustainable and vibrant businesses in Downtown Elgin.

Community Building & Collaboration

The DNA brings together businesses, property owners, city officials, community members and other key stake holders to collaborate, partner and build a thriving downtown community.

Perception & Promotion

The DNA works with the city and other organizations to promote all that Elgin has to offer. It gets the word out about our great city through marketing and special events. It helps to manage the image and perception of Downtown Elgin (and by default the city as a whole) through the press and other media outlets.

Beautification & Physical Enhancement

The DNA is an advocate for the preservation the rich heritage of Downtown Elgin. DNA champions the city’s cultural diversity, historic architecture and best in class urban design, thereby enhancing its artistic character and forward thinking ideals.

Contact Us

Address: 31 S Grove Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

Phone: 847-488-1456